Cafe de Patan
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 sarbottam silwal.  Nepal
        07th June 2010 10:37:57 PM  


being inside the cafe feels like being miles far away from the busty crowd of kathmandu.i am a student of BHM in NATHM and a regular visitor of this beautiful cafe.i urgue all the peace and quality food lovers to try their tounge in this cafe.see u all soon there

 Puskar.  Nepal
        18th May 2010 04:45:12 AM  


I have seen this webiste and wish to visit it once and for sure will visit soon.

 Sanjay Man Singh.  Nepal
        10th March 2010 03:30:02 PM  


I really love the enviroment here. And Karoke is just fantastic here. This is the must visit restaurant in nepal.

 chloe.  France
        05th September 2009 08:26:42 PM  


Hey, i just came back in france, and i would like to say Thank you for all. i passed good moment in cafe patan. Ifelt so good . Sorry for my bad english.


 Markib.  Nepal
        23rd August 2009 07:36:56 AM  


Very OLd Resturant,

 Prabal Bajracharya.  Nepal
        23rd April 2009 09:08:14 PM  


it was nice to be with u at training/workshop on GMP and food safety management Samiat dai

 Krishna Hari Neupane.  Nepal
        12th March 2009 08:35:26 AM  



 Bhumika.  Australia
        15th September 2008 05:06:14 PM  


I really miss momo cha.... ohh i miss it so so much... wish i could be there.. but i will be back this december straight to cafe to have veg momo cha.. Cafe D Patan Rocks!!!!

 sabin.  United States of America
        30th January 2008 05:07:49 AM  


Cafe de Patan is also the first restaurant in patan and since then they have been serving delicious mouth watering food with great value of hospitality service.. really miss the taste of food i use to have in this cafe... i wish i could get the same taste here in US.. yup a great place to dine .. very welcoming environment... can't wait to be there in my next visit that should be in 2009 ... Cafe de Patan here i come.....

 shreejana.  Nepal
        06th September 2007 09:42:01 AM  


Ya its very nice place to gather...i really like as well i like veg pakauda with gravy chips chilly...hhhhhhmmmmmm so hot...and staffs here are so friendly.

At last i wish cafedepatan always serve their best in future ........

 Niraj Bajracharya.  Australia
        29th May 2007 09:20:11 AM  


At the moment, I am doing course on commerical cookery here in Melbourne and I am doing my assignments on Nepali/Newar food. Your websit and photos of yours resturant is helping me a lot. I am after a recipe of some foods and photo of some food. I have once been to your resturant terracne, food and service was good. I will sure be there when I will come back. See you. I wish you have photo and receipe of some food here.

 swechha.  Canada
        29th May 2007 03:25:10 AM  


wow! i love dining in your restaurant . reminds me of my child hood times i often went there with my mom:) awesome food man! keep it :) hope to come there soon when i return to kathmandu

 biju pradhan.  United States of America
        02nd May 2007 10:01:41 PM  


Gunkazi Vai, Sitting here in Rockland I'm just missing your delicious foods....wish I'm a bird can fly straight to Patan-Cafe
See you soon!!!!!!

 Nizal Tuladhar.  Nepal
        29th April 2007 04:11:21 PM  


Well I went through ur web page. it was good. As per the comment of other people i think u all really provide a hygienic delicacies of newari cuisine.
I am a student of Hotel Management at NATHM( Ravi Bhawan) and i am starting a report of Newari cuisine. Well I was looking forward for ur help regarding the informations that would be a important gain for my report. Looking forward for positive response.
Thanking u

 Danila.  Germany
        25th April 2007 01:23:20 PM  


Super website! I have enjoyed stay at your guesthouse. healthy enviroment, foods are delicious, staffs are friendly.

I hope to be back soon to Nepal and reserve for some more weeks next time.
Namaste from Munich.

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