Cafe de Patan


Karaoke is a Japanese coined word. Kara means empty in English, and oke is a kind of abbreviation of orchestra. To serve the guests up to the peak level, we have a karaoke system here in Cafe de patan from a long time. The soothing and sensational voices, singing the old Hindi and Nepali song makes the dinning even more luscious. You are always welcome at this junction and make your evening memorable with your friends, family or even with your partner. So just pop in and enjoy the splendid Karaoke.




Service oriented is what Cafe de Patan all about. We are privileged to state that for the convenience of our guests, we have a small guest house attached to the Cafe. There are 8 rooms in total, each with spectacular views of the old temples of Patan. Next time you want to wake up with the shrines around you, just book yourself a room in Cafe de Patan.




It’s like a ritual to take a token of remembrance back home for every place you visit. Be it a piece of jewelry, a musical CD or maybe a handicraft. Cafe de Patan has a full collection of these.

A souvenir shop is attached to the Cafe where the guests can get old statues, traditional and folk music CDs, silver jewelry as a token of remembrance to take back home.




We have beautiful space for private parties. The homely atmospheres and the ever smiling staffs around will always make you feel as if you are partying at your own home. Be it your child’s birthday or your own birthday, just remember us.